Cure Sight Laser Center

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Dr. Parimal Desai

Chairman & Chief Surgeon

Dr. Parimal Desai’s vision was to give his patients freedom from glasses without surgery, since
he was a resident doctor. He noticed that millions of people worldwide are working in reputable
government and private positions, or even in their personal lives, and they face difficulties
because of visual aids like glasses; the solution was, contact lenses. CSLC is a memorial to his
dreams today

Experience :

  • Pioneer of Refractive Surgeries in India
  • Performed more than 2,00,000 Laser Vision Correction Surgery
  • conducted more than 600 eye camps
  • Performed one of the highest laser vision corrections in India
  • Central working committee member of IMA, Headquarter
  • Board of Governors of NIFT
  • Was the President of Ahmedabad & Maninagar Medical Association

Awards :

● Pioneer of Refractive Surgery Award (1999)
● B.N. Mehta Oration (2001)
● P.R. Trivedi oration. (2009-2010)
● Excellence in Medical Field Award (2016)
● Dr. B.C. Roy Award (2017)
● Times Men of the year (2018)
● Times Health Icon (2018 & 2019)
● White Coat Wizards (2019)
● Two ICL Awards
● P.N. Gantara Rotating Trophy

Dr. Aditya Desai

Director & Chief Surgeon

Dr. Aditya Desai, also known as the Young Visionary in Opthamology, started his journey after
completing an MS in Opthamology in 2018. He has examined over 25,000 cases across various
outpatient departments and has performed over 5,000 successful contract surgeries.
Dr. Aditya’s introduction of modern, forward-thinking thought processes has improved the Cure
Sight Laser Center’s proficiency. He got recognition when he obtained, and utilized new
technology in the field of reconstructive surgery, for advanced treatment.

Experience :

  • Performed over 5,000 successful cataract surgeries
  • Performed over 20,000 successful LASIK procedures
  • Performed the first implantable collamer lens surgery in Western India

Awards :

● Won the Young ICL Ophthalmologist Award at the Milan ICL Experts Meet in September
● Times Group Award in 2021 and 2024.